Darrell @TheTrekNerd Skeels - Mind of a Geek - Season 1 - Episode 9

Mind Of A Geek Show
Episode #9 - Recorded On Feb 8th
Host: Nate Ward
Guest: Darrell Skeels

Information About This Weeks Guest:
Darrell is the cohost of This Week In Trek and he is the creator and host of Grumpycast with JHammondC and Joey Image.  He is also known as "The Trek Nerd" and does a daily Star Trek trivia segment on Scott Johnson's The Morning Stream!
Projects This Weeks Guest Is A Part Of:
Grumpycast, This Week In Trek and TMS
Topics Of Discussion:
Star Trek
Where Can This Weeks Guest Be Found:
Darrell can be found on twitter @TheTrekNerd
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