Inked Geek Gaming is the gaming branch of Inked Geek Studios.  We are working to develop a tightly knit, non-judgmental community based around streamers, gaming buddies, friends and fans.  We have a discord that is open to the public so you can come in and become a part of the small but growing community.  If you're seeing this and you wish to become a part of our community contact us via any of the links provided below.  



Nate "xSyneKx" Ward - IGGaming Founder

Owner and host at Inked Geek Studios, Nate is also an avid gamer.  Playing everything from MOBAs, FPS, MMOs and more.  He does not discriminate and plays across all platforms.  From HotS on PC to Zelda on the Nintendo Switch and everything in between! Be sure to follow him on Twitch to catch him whenever he's on.

Nate's Twitch


Hugo "Whooogo" Savaria - IGGaming Co-Founder

The man behind the scenes as well as the resident artist at Inked Geek Studios, Hugo is also a steady streamer.  Streaming everything from gaming to live artwork. Hop in his stream to catch him playing a varying degree of PC games or to see him throw together his latest piece of art.

Hugo's Twitch